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The best cross platform apps for managing and displaying sheet music scores and chord sheets – available for Windows, Mac and iPad/iPhone.

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Power Music Professional

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Power Music AF (Accessible Format) for VI musicians

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Power Music Box

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6 reviews for Power Music for Windows, Mac and iPad/iPhone

  1. David Sandusky

    Just wanted to let you know my touchscreen/piano setup is working nicely! By using a VESA monitor adapter plate, a couple of U-brackets and picture hanging hardware, I hang the touchscreen on the piano like a picture. I had to do some tweaking to get the touchscreen to work properly as a secondary monitor, but solved that problem. I am so glad I found your software! Now I have tons of music that I need to digitize and am thinking of purchasing the S300L scanner. Thanks again for designing software with all the features I imagined.

  2. Richard Teare

    I have been using Power Music Professional for the past year in a variety of settings – from church band to Gospel Blues and 60s/70s band gigs. It has become an invaluable companion that enables me to search through hundreds of songs in seconds. I have tried others programs and I have found that Power Music Pro is by far the best – it is rock solid reliable, very flexible and easy to use. I’ve become such a fan that I have been encouraging some of the people I play with to try it. It’s also important to know that if you have a question or a problem that someone will respond and the team at Cambron Software are truly outstanding – they reply quickly and provide fantastic technical support. If you are thinking of making the switch from paper to laptop or tablet – buy Power Music Pro – it’s the perfect portable solution to playing any kind of gig at any time.

  3. Paul Heptinstall

    I am a worship leader in a Church in Halifax Yorkshire and also lead a Church worship team called The Celebration band,. I have been using Power music now for several years and can sing its praises it is a fantastic piece of software no more books songs can be found at a click of a button I would recommend Power music to every musician it is brilliant

  4. Dusty Hoff

    Most of our church music group use Power Music because it’s so good for managing chord charts and playlists. Most of us can’t read sheet music so it’s a massive time saver especially using its ability to create charts or customise songs. The MyBox cloud management system it also has means you can get the songs and playlist downloaded by each member in advance of a practice. It is a very versatile software and I have tried some others, this is by far the easiest and most versatile one I have used. Another item is you can buy digital songs and load them up or create new ones. It also has an OCR for extracting paper scans into charts.

  5. Carolyn Ginnever

    I have beeen using Power Music Pro for several years and have been so impressed with the product! I am an aging orchestra musician and searched for quite a while for something that I could use to enlarge my music and still play in an orchestra setting. This product allows me to cut my pages and enlarge them, down to one line of music if necessary!! Mostly I cut a page into 3 or 4 lines of music and although that makes for some long symphonies, with my AirTurn foot pedal I have no problem with page turns!

    I have also been impressed with the customer support from Cambron Music. When I email with a question, I receive a reply within the same day! They have been able to answer any question I have had.

    I recommend Power Music Pro to any of my musician friends and although most of them are skeptical of using a tablet in an orchestra setting, my experience has some of them looking into moving to a tablet for orchestra!`

  6. h

    Can’t remember how i discovered your program but have been using Power Music profesional (PMP) for some weeks now. I am going to keep using it, because I like it. Thank you very much for making it. And I’ll use it especially if you, in the near future, do some tweaks. Like f.e.:
    1. Maybe I haven’t yet discovered how to fix this, but when displaying 2 pages at a time, I wish the program would display the pages with a little bit more white between them, like in a book. It’s just esthetics. But now they crowd each other with a huge swat of white to the right. When displaying 3 the distribution is better.
    2. I use a setup with two monitors. I can open two instances of PMP, which is nice. But when I select Full Screen both instances of the program want to use the same display. This defies the reason for opening 2 instances of the program (having 4 or 6 pages of your music in view to lessen the burden of changing pages).
    Overall the program serves it purpose. You may want to let somebody who knows about these things have a look at how your menus are structured. As a beginner I struggled needlessly, I think. For example: “view” does not let me change the way pages are displayes, which I for some reason expected.

    • Gordon Cameron

      Thanks for the feedback – we will pass it on to the developers.

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