PageFlip Butterfly


Wireless hands-free page turning using Bluetooth. Versatile and easy to use.  Easy to pair to a PC, Mac, Android or iPad (requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above). Really well engineered, sturdy product.

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  • Dimensions: 6.8″ (W) x 5.3″ (H) x 1.4″ (D)
  • Weight: 10.7 ounces (303 grams)
  • Battery Life: 200 hours of continuous turning or approximately 200,000 page turns
  • Connectivity: Wireless operation using Bluetooth 4.0
  • Sleep Mode: Enters sleep mode after 30-minute inactivity period. Press pedal to awaken within 3 seconds.
  • Pedal Modes: PageUp/Dn, Left/Right arrows, Up/Down arrows
  • Power: 2 AA batteries
  • Includes: Butterfly pedal, Quickstart guide in English/French/German/Spanish

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