Coda Music STOMP

STOMP Bluetooth page turner is one of the most robust and reliable pedal on the market. Whether you use charts, lyric sheets, digital set lists, backing tracks, or metronomes, let the STOMP Bluetooth pedal simplify your performance.

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As a gigging musician your hands should be focused on playing music. Not turning pages. While smartphones and tablets have made it easier to carry your charts and lyrics, you’re still have to take your hands off of your instrument to change pages.

Well, you used to…

Introducing STOMP.

STOMP is a Bluetooth page turner and app controller for your iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows Bluetooth 4.0 device, that enables you to control any app with the just the tap of your foot.

If you use an app or software that accepts keyboard commands, STOMP lets you keep your hands on your instrument, giving you a flawless performance.

STOMP is the perfect partner for Power Music on Windows, Mac or iPad/iPhone.

Power Music do not stock this item but click this link to go to the Coda Music website to purchase.

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