MusicOne 16 Digital Music Stand


This is the perfect touch screen, digital music display for musicians who want a larger screen than a tablet or iPad. Pre-installed with the superb Power Music Professional software, it makes moving from paper music to digital music display so easy!

Windows 10 64bit. Basic configuration – 500GB conventional HD, no pedal or stand. Customise your MusicOne below.

Special offer – Add a MusicOne Scanner for £99!

Add a Page Turner Pedal

Bluetooth, wireless, hands-free page turners. PageFlip require Bluetooth V3.0, AirTurn requires 4.0

+ £69.00
+ £89.00
+ £104.00
+ £59.00

Add a Solid State Drive

SSDs are faster and more robust than conventional hard drives and we strongly recommended them for use on a MusicOne.

+ £59.00
+ £99.00
+ £159.00

Add a MusicOne Scanner

The fastest and easiest way to import paper sheet music into Power Music.

+ £99.00

Add a Floor Stand

Tripod stand for MusicOne with a Quick Release VESA mount

+ £79.00
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The new MusicOne 16 is a high spec, fan-less, mains powered, Windows 10 all-in-one PC. With a 500GB conventional Hard Drive (HD) or now with an optional Solid State Drive (SSD) there is ample storage space for hundreds of 1,000s of pages of music.

Much slimmer than the previous model, with a good looking matt effect curved back. Also more “real estate” of the front panel is given over to the screen with no front mounted speaker grills. This gives a very “clean” look to the MusicOne 16.

The 10 point, multi-touch screen is very bright and clear which can be used in landscape or portrait orientation.  Screen dimensions: 34cm wide (13.6″) by 19.5cm high (7.7″).

In landscape mode 2 pages of music can be displayed side by side and in portrait mode a single page in larger than A4 size can be displayed.

The optional, high quality adjustable tripod stand with VESA mount and quick release, makes the MusicOne 16 comfortable to use whether standing or sitting. Height adjustable from 70 cm to 120 cm (approx) to the middle of the screen. Use in either portrait or landscape, simply rotate the MusicOne on the mount.

Because the MusicOne 16 is so light, you can use the MusicOne 16 without a stand on the music rack of a keyboard or organ.

The MusicOne 16 can be supplied with optional PageFlip or AirTurn Bluetooth page turner pedal for simple hands-free page turning. Bluetooth pedal options are the amazing new PageFlip Butterfly, the PageFlip Firefly pedal, a real work-horse pedal with easy to use configuration and built-in LED lights for use on dark stages or the new PageFlip Dragonfly QUAD pedal – the ultimate page turner! The AirTurn BT200S-2 is robust, lightweight, modern pedal.

Power Music Professional which is pre-installed on the MusicOne 16,  integrates with Cambron’s Power Music Box cloud storage, which allows secure sharing* of music and playlist between Power Music users on Windows, Mac or iPad.

The MusicOne 16 is supplied with a USB keyboard and mouse.

Once you have used the MusicOne 16 with hands-free page turning you will never go back to paper.

New Solid State Drive (SSD) Option:

The MusicOne 16 can now be fitted with an optional 128GB, 256GB or 512GB SSD. This gives improved performance over a conventional HD giving faster boot up times and app loading and more responsive software. Also the SSD is totally silent and extremely robust with no moving parts. A good idea in a stage environment!

New Blank Screen Feature:

The new MusicOne 16 has a physical button on the rear panel,  which blanks the screen instantly without shutting down or suspending Windows. Tap the button again and the screen instantly comes back on. This is very useful for performances that require a “black out” at then end of a scene or a performance, or simply to cause less distraction on a darkened stage when not performing.

More Connectivity:

The new MusicOne 16 has 2 x USB3, 2 x USB2, HDMI, VGA, Card reader, RJ45 Ethernet, WiFi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth V4.0

Adding External displays:

The new MusicOne 16 now has an HDMI port and a VGA port for adding an external monitor. Multiple external monitors can be easily added using an HDMI or VGA splitter.

MusicOne Scanner Offer:

For a limited time get a music scanner along with the MusicOne 16 for £99.

*Always obey copyright rules when sharing music

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