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This is the new 2024 model MusicOne 20. It is the perfect touch screen, digital music display for musicians who want a larger screen than a tablet PC or iPad. Pre-installed with the superb Power Music Professional and/or AF software, it makes moving from paper music to digital music display so easy! A great solution for visually impaired musicians or for musicians wanting to display complex scores – for example conductors and organists.

Package includes – Silent, all-in-one PC with Windows 10 64bit (with free upgrade to Windows 11), 10 point, 19.5 inch HD multi-touch screen, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD, Power Music Professional (2 PC licence), USB keyboard and mouse.

Customisable RAM and SSD, add a floor stand with quick release VESA mount, Bluetooth pedal or Bluetooth keyboard/touchpad. Gig bags for MusicOne and stands available.

NOTE: Sales to countries outside the UK will incur import taxes, import duty  and administration fees. This now includes sales to the EU. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the amount that would need to pay, Power Music is not able to supply this information.

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The MusicOne 20 is a good looking, compact, mains powered, Windows 10 all-in-one PC system. The MusicOne 20 can be placed directly on a music rack of a piano, keyboard or organ or be mounted via a quick release VESA mount on a fully adjustable tripod floor stand.

The MusicOne 20 fills a gap in the MusicOne product range. Sitting between the 15.6 inch MusicOne 16 and the 22 and 24 inch Large Screen MusicOnes, it has the advantage of being an All-in-one PC unlike the Large Screen versions with their separate NUC Mini-PCs. The 19.5 inch screen is a good size for visually impaired musicians and musicians with complex scores, for example conductors and organists.

The 19.5 inch, 10 point, multi-touch, screen is very responsive, bright and clear with good viewing angles and can be used in landscape or portrait orientation.  Dimensions: 487 x 321 x 44 mm (W x H x D) and only weighs 4kg. HD screen resolution is 1600 x 900.

In landscape mode 2 or 3 pages of music can be displayed side by side and in portrait mode a single page almost  A3 size can be displayed.

The optional, high quality adjustable tripod stand with VESA mount and quick release, makes the MusicOne 20 comfortable to use whether standing or sitting. Height adjustable from 70 cm to 120 cm (approx) to the middle of the screen. Use in either portrait or landscape, simply rotate the MusicOne on the mount.

Because the MusicOne 20 is light, you can use the MusicOne 20 without a stand on the music rack of a keyboard or organ. It has an adjustable, “kick-out” stand so it can be used on any flat surface. The kick out stand can easily be removed if required.

The MusicOne 20 can be supplied with optional PageFlip Bluetooth page turner pedal for simple hands-free page turning. Bluetooth pedal options are the amazing PageFlip Butterfly, or the PageFlip Dragonfly QUAD pedal – the ultimate page turner!

Power Music Professional is pre-installed on the MusicOne 20 and integrates with our Power Music Box cloud storage, which allows secure sharing* of music and playlist between Power Music users on Windows, Mac or iPad/iPhone. You get a Product Key for Power Music Professional that allows you to install Power Music on an additional PC.

The MusicOne 20 is supplied with a USB keyboard and mouse or an optional Bluetooth keyboard/touchpad.

Once you have used the MusicOne 20 with hands-free page turning you will never go back to paper.

Solid State Fanless and Whisper-quiet:

The fanless technology used in this PC means it is incredibly quiet. Doing away with these mechanical components also reduces the number of wearing parts, making the machine more durable and stable.

SSD – Solid State Drive:

The MusicOne 20 is fitted with a fast M.2 256GB SSD. Larger SSDs are available up to 1TB. This gives vastly improved performance over a conventional HD giving faster boot up times and app loading and more responsive software. Also the SSD is totally silent and extremely robust with no moving parts. The SSD can store 10,000’s of pages of music in Power Music.

RAM and Processor:

The new MusicOne 20 has 8GB (upgradable to 64GB) of fast DDR4 RAM and a dual core Intel Celeron 5205U processor, preinstalled Windows 10 (64bit) OS, which ensure a full Windows experience. Up to 64GB of RAM can be installed if required. The MusicOne can be upgraded for free to Windows 11, but is currently supplied with Windows 10.

More Connectivity:

The MusicOne 20 has 2 x USB 3.1, 4 x USB 2, HDMI 1.4b, VGA, Gigabit RJ45 network, SD Card slot, WiFi 2.4/5GHz 802.11 ac/b/g/n, Bluetooth V4.1 and audio out and microphone jack sockets. Two additional external monitors can be attached using HDMI and VGA ports. There is a built in full HD 1920 x 1080 webcam.

24/7 Operation:

Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As it does not use any moving parts, such as a fan, this Mini-PC is approved for constant operation. This means lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan.

Optional Battery Pack

NOTE: The MusicOne 20 is mains powered and has no internal battery. If you need to use the MusicOne 20 in a situation where there is no mains power then we can supply an external, rechargeable battery pack to power the MusicOne for up to 7 hours. Email or speak to us about this – +44 (0)1355 246832. More info here

*Always obey copyright rules when sharing music


Finally, a neat little product we have come across form KatzKlip. These devices make using a MusicOne on a piano music rack much safer.

Visit their website for more details:

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